Friday, October 24, 2008

I got your October Surprise RIGHT HERE, McNasty...

One of the most persistent racist memes is the notion that all Black men would rape White women if given the chance. This meme has turned deadly...with the deep South, most notably in the brutal murder of young Emmett Till in 1955. There were lynchings as late as 1981 in Alabama.

Now we have a Republican operative, apparently an up-and-comer in the GOP ranks, who calls in a false report about a black man mugging and then carving a backwards "b" in her face with a knife. Before the little ninny had an attack of conscience and 'fessed up, both McCain and Palin called her in the hospital, and as you can see from the video clip, it was a McCain operative who was pushing the story to the press and to Matt Drudge.

I hope the numbskull gets TIME for this. Because this could have been so much worse.

McCain worker admits to hoax.
McCain communications director spread the story.
Discussion at Kos.

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